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Online Banking


 Online Banking

 Interior FCU Online Banking is free, safe, secure, and gives you 24-hour access to your accounts. Some key features include:

  • Access your accounts in one place.
  • Pay bills and set up recurring payments.
  • Transfer money between accounts.
  • View monthly e-Statements.
  • View cancelled checks, change your address, and reorder checks.

Registration Information for Online Banking

For first time users:

  • Go to our homepage
  • Enter your account number as your username
  • Enter your unique temporary password
  • Follow the prompts to create a new username and password

When you create your Online Banking USERNAME, you will need to select between 6 and 20 characters.  Your username must contain at least one letter, can contain numbers and/or special characters (Examples: @$ *_=), and must NOT contain any spaces.  Your Online Banking Password must be between 6 and 32 characters and must contain a combination of:

  • Letters and numbers, or
  • Letters and special characters, or
  • Numbers and special characters It cannot be a substring of the Username and must NOT contain any spaces.  

Already registered? Log in now from our homepage.

NOTE: If you haven't used Online Banking for 6 months, your Online Banking access may be deactivated. If this happens, you may reactive your account by using your Audio Response PIN Code as your Online Banking Password.

Online Banking Disclosure

Online Banking FAQs

 Bill Pay

Bill Pay through Online Banking is secure and FREE, plus:

  • Fast - You can track your payments.
  • Easy - Pay your utilities, credit cards and other bills. Just enter your payee's information.
  • Convenient - No envelopes, stamps or hassles. Pay your bills in minutes.
  • Dependable - Schedule exactly when you need your payments sent. You can choose whether to make a one-time or a recurring payment.

Paying bills online helps the environment. Save trees and reduce waste! Sign up today.

Log in to Online Banking from our homepage.

Choose Bill Payment from the top tab and follow instructions to register.

Bill Pay Disclosure

Bill Pay FAQs

Check Imaging

A scanned image of the checks you write is stored in Online Banking and available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free. Click on the check number when reviewing your account history to retrieve your check image. The front and back of your check will be shown.

Check images are not available for electronic/ACH cleared checks (but a check number will be recorded) or for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks since they are not scanned.


Paperless statements help the environment by saving trees and waste.

  • Secure - Protected by your sign on and password, they can't get stolen in the mail.
  • Convenient - Review and print statements anytime. Even save them to your computer.
  • Get Green - Help the environment by reducing paper and keeping down office clutter.
  • Speed - Receive an email notifying you that your monthly statement is available.

Sign up for e-statements today.

  1. Log in to Online Banking from our homepage.
  2. Select "Services".
  3. Enter your email address where indicated.

E-Statement Disclosure


FinanceWorks, powered by Quicken, is a free service available within Online Banking. It's an easy to use online tool that will help you simplify your financial life by enabling you to get a complete financial picture of your accounts from Interior FCU as well as 16,000 other financial institutions and creditors. Key features include:

  • Shows all your accounts in one place.
  • Allows users to get organized for taxes.
  • Tracks where your money is going.
  • Shows progress on your goals.
  • Helps keep you on track with alerts and reminders.

Log in to Online Banking from our homepage and select FinanceWorks at the top of the page.

Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer enables you to transfer directly from your checking, savings or money marketing accounts to an account at another financial institution through Online Banking.

The transfers can be initiated immediately, scheduled for a future date, or recurring. There are two types of services: Standard (3-business days) and Premium (next-business day).

  1. Log into Online Banking from our homepage.
  2. Select Funds Transfer and select whichever type of transfer you wish to make.
  3. Accept the Terms of Service.
  4. Click "sign up now".
  5. Complete the registration form.
  6. Check your email for the validation code.
  7. Return to the transfer funds screen and enter the validation code. You are ready to GO!


You can send money to a friend, relative or small business by using the PopMoney service.  This service is used to pay someone via their email account. The person must have their account at a domestic financial institution.  PopMoney is a 3-business day service.  Next-day is not available for PopMoney.

PopMoney makes it simple to:

  • Send money to others
  • Make transfers using just an email address or mobile phone number
  • Set up automatically recurring transfers
  • Choose the speed of the transfer to meet transfer needs


Request Money allows you to send a money request to a contact via email or text.

Steps to send a request:

  1. Visit the Request Money tab in PopMoney.
  2. Choose who to request money form (up to 5 contacts allowed).
  3. Decide if the request is a fixed or open amount.
  4. Set additional options, such as a due date earlier than the default of 30 days, accept partial payment (for fixed payment), and set a reminder.
  5. Enter the purpose of the request.
  6. Customize the text or email notification that goes to the contact(s).
  7. Select the account where the money will be deposited.

Steps to pay a request:

  1. Either go to or log into Online Banking if the receiver's financial institution offers PopMoney.
  2. The request appears on the Overview tab in the To Do List section, under Received Request.
  3. Click Pay.
  4. Select the account to debit.
  5. Enter the amount (if open amount or partial payment allowed).
  6. Choose the Send date.
  7. Enter a custom message, if desired.
  8. If prompted, validate identity to send the payment.

Basic Timelines:

  • Requests are sent immediately; they cannot be future-dated.
  • The receiver has 30 days or less to pay the request.
  • If request expires, nothing happens.
  • If the request is paid, the money is deposited directly into the customer's account 2-3 business days after the Send date.
  • Minimum request is $10; maximum is $2,000.
  • Amount can be fixed, fixed with partial payment allowed, or open amount.
  • Request fee is paid by the requestor, and is subtract from amount paid.  
  • Separate fee assessed to the person paying the request.

    Log into Online Banking.

    View Demo

     Shared Access

     Did you know you could?  Give account access to those you trust!

You can give permission to allow anyone to access your account information.  You are able to control which accounts a "sub-user" has access to.  Once you grant access to an account, you are then able to choose whether you want the sub-user to have "view only" access or allow them to perform certain types of transactions. You will also have the ability to control whether the sub-user can add/edit existing payees for any transaction types they have access to.

"View Only" access

  • See the account(s) on the home page
  • Balance
  • Transaction history on the history page

Set a per transaction limit

  • Bill pay
  • ACH payments

A sub-user can not access:

  • E-statements
  • Third party services  

How to set up Shared Access:

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Click on "Additional Services"
  • Select Loan Application or Open an Account. 
  • For a Secondary Subaccount, select "Open an Additional/Secondary Deposit Account" and follow prompts.



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